In the past couple of years I have learnt so much. Learnt how to keep myself sane. I have gone thru so much, in my life and business. I have learnt that there are ways of dealing with things/issues without having to put myself thru endless heartache that that would leave me feeling helpless, weak and sometimes sick. Many people don’t talk about this but when someone people go thru tough times, they tend to punish themselves. Not right.

A year ago I vowed never to put myself thru that again. I had gone thru situations that left me looking sickly and vulnerable . I couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t do anything right. I blamed myself.

Here is the thing, we face tough situations on the daily. Some worse than others. If we don’t find a safe way to deal with them, we might end up six feet under. It’s no joke!! It’s so scary but truth be told, most young people are suffering from stress. Most commit suicide. Reason being they don’t know how to deal or cope with certain situations. Hard situations.

I want to share a few tips that have helped me stay sane.

1. If it’s out of your control, accept and make peace with it. It is what it is.
2. Don’t take things too personal, breathe in and out and keep going.
3. Pray alot, it helps. When your spiritual state is ok, it’s easier to find solutions to your issues.
4. Eat even when you don’t feel like aatinh. Stress tends to make one lack appetite. At times nauseated. But force yourself. Eat. When your body has the strength, you can get thru situations better.
5. Turn off your phone, turn off your bundles/WiFi and take some rest from the world. This constant social media frenzy will only sink you deeper into despair. You will look at other people and feel inadequate. Take a break.
6. When your body and mind needs a break, take a break.. doesn’t matter what you had on your calendar. Cancel, postpone. Stay sane.
7. Keep away from people that only take, take , take from you without adding any value to your life. Sorround yourself with People that put a Ile on your face. People that add value to your life.

8. If in business, when you try something and it doesn’t work out. Take a break and figure out what else you haven’t tried. Do it differently. If it doesn’t work. Repeat.
9. Know that in any difficulty situation, there is always a solution. You will figure it out love, you will. Just keep trying but don’t kill yourself trying it the wrong way.
10. Control your thoughts. Don’t dwell too much into situations. Learn to let go. Everyone goes thru hardships, what matters is how you handle them.

I could go on and on…

In short stop existing and start living. You have a purpose here. You are valued. You are important. You are loved. Always know that.
Let go and let God.



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